Heritage Tourism Research Project

  • Penang – Georgetown
  • Thang Long – Hanoi
  • Buddhist Temple – Chiang Mai
  • Kinkakuji – Kyoto
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Welcome to the Heritage Tourism Research Project (HTRP), a website that represents the work of the ASEAN-Japan Tourism Exchange Project, sponsored by The Japan Foundation. The current aim of the Tourism Exchange Project is to involve Laotian, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian university students in field research, and in discussions at conferences, of current issues in commercial, governmental and non-governmental efforts to promote sustainable local and international tourism that is not only economically productive, but also, culturally constructive in the impact of tourism on central cultural values and traditional cultural practices.

Beautiful Luang Prabang

Enjoy the beauty, color, and culture of Luang Prabang in the video below, created by student researchers of the Heritage Tourism Research Project.

Tourism: an Agent of Unity

The video below was created by students at Universiti Sains Malaysia. It shows scenes from the participants’ experiences in various locations. Enjoy.

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Food Heritage Photos